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Scrubs Etc is a Texas based medical scrub retail chain. We carry the latest from popular brands such as: Urbane, Koi, Landau, Cherokee and much more!

Scrubs Etc also maintains industrial monogramming machines to better serve clients that require after retail modifications. Scrubs Etc is committed to better serving the ever changing needs of medical professionals. Special orders are available on almost any current season items and group ordering is available for organizations that require uniformity. Be confident shopping for scrubs and remember Selection is Everything

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Retail Locations

Koi Scrubs
Urbane Scrubs
Dickies Scrubs
Landau Scrubs
GelScrubs Scrubs
Cherokee Scrubs
GreysAnatomy Scrubs
Med Couture Scrubs
HealingHands Scrubs
Wonder Wink Scrubs
HeartSoul Scrubs
IguanaMed Scrubs
Jockey Scrubs
JoxSox Scrubs
Maevn Scrubs
NRG Scrubs
NurseMates Scrubs